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Our Story

Not so long ago, a group of us attended our first introduction to CrossFit.  It was hard, grooling work but I fell in love with it and never have looked back. I have tried out many different gyms and nothing compares to the feeling you get after completing a WOD and the progress you will acheive training this way. A year after of training at our local box,  my life began to get much busier with our two children playing AAA hockey. I wasn't getting to the box as much anymore and needed to do something about it. We decided to build a garage gym so I could continue with the CrossFit training methodology and still lead our busy lifestyle. It was the perfect decision.

MODE Rx has evolved through the love of CrossFit and Functional Fitness and realizing how important it can be in our life and how good it can make you feel seeing results.  We have grown and learned more and more about the benefits of functional fitness and strength training so here at Mode Rx we want to give our customers the opportunities to reap the benefits that we learned though this jouney of fitness training. With the equipment we have to offer we assure you that you can develop a quality fitness lifestyle you choose to have.

TRAIN PINK is a line of pink products we have developed and manufacture to promote Breast Cancer Awareness.  As we continue to grow we will add more to this line. 5% of every sale of TRAIN PINK products will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

At MODE Rx we strive to produce quality strength and conditioning equipment so you can meet your fitness goals. All our products are adaptable and will benefit all fitness levels.

The Mode Rx Team