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Your Rosetta Stone is one of the most integral parts of your CrossFit journey beginning from day 1. For those that don’t know what a Rosetta Stone is, it is an ancient artifact used to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs - or in this case, your Rosetta stone is used to decipher your specific list of progressions from Rx CrossFit movements.

It is important to remember that for every movement you encounter either at home, online or at your box, it is imperative to know your specific method of execution. For some that may mean when ‘pullups’ pop up in a WOD, you are performing beautiful, technically sound, consecutive butterflies. For others that may mean you’re using a blue band to help assist basic kipping pull ups.

Knowing your ‘translation’, so-to-speak, is vital to knowing when to change said translation, what you’ve been avoiding and why. From a coaches perspective, you have done a great training job when an athlete who comes into class knowing exactly how he or she is going to execute the WOD because they’ve looked at it earlier and know how to modify for themselves.

They know that for HSPU they’ll be on a 20” box, they know for pull ups they are still working on strict with green band and they know for wall balls they are using an 8lb ball and throwing it to 9ft. If an athlete comes to class unaware of all these progressions, or if you approach a WOD at home without knowledge of what your progressions or weights are, you have to start from scratch every time. How can you improve your 1 RM back Squat if you don’t what it is in the first place? How can you use training maxes if you can’t remember if you deadlifted 250lbs or push pressed it?

Some of you may keep track of your WOD and Lifting results, and some may not. Tracking is vital to making gains as well as keeping confidence when you’re just having ‘one of those days’. You can look back on how far you’ve come and make new goals.

If remembering your Rosetta Stone is difficult, tracking your progress does this for you. You can look back in your notes and read that on October 27th you performed a 5 RM Bench Press at 85lbs and today you can aim for 95lbs as a result of knowing this information. There are a variety of programs and method of tracking. You can do this on an app, online, in a book, or even a whiteboard at home. It also helps you program efficiently and effectively for reaching your goals.

You can set lifting schedules and create a diverse WOD outline for months at a time. 

Whether you’re working out at home or at your local box, knowing your Rosetta Stone will only make you a better athlete and keep this gains coming!